The three discovered stars in London

Students of Sanders school in London have discovered three new variable stars in the southern constellation of Compass (Pyxis). The discoveries were made on the images from 20-inch T31 telescope in Australia. The first variable star was found by Hannah Cornwell, the second one by Patrick Hynes-Hamilton and the third one - jointly by Emily Wilkins and Alicia Farrant. All three objects have turned to be the eclipsing binary stars of W UMa (EW) type. The variable Cornwell 1 has the shortest period - 5.97 hours. Wilkins-Farrant 1 is the brightest one, changing its brightness from 14.2 to 14.5 magnitude every 7.61 hours. The components of Hynes-Hamilton 1 complete one revolution around each other in 8.555 hr. Patrick's variable is remarkable due to the different depths of eclipses: the primary minimum is at 15.5m and the secodary - at 15.4m with the maxima at 14.9m. Yet it is located in the beautiful stellar field between two colorful stars - the blue one and the red one. The stars discovered by the London schoolchildren have been officially registered in the International Variable Star Index AAVSO VSX.

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