The final day of the project "Discovery within a week" in Skolkovo

On the final day of the project "Discovery within a week" in Skolkovo International Gymnasium, there was a real fascinating moment. Our fifth-graders discovered three new variable stars. All the guys was trying very hard to achieve success, but at the end two children succeded mostly - Ivan Bogatenkov and Maxim Shcherbakov. Ivan found an one variable star, and Maxim discovered two stars. All new stars belong to pulsating variables such as RRC. The ripple period ofof the star Bogatenkov 1 - 6.86 hours, Shcherbakov 1 - 6.60 hours, Shcherbakov 2 - 8.08 hours. The light curve of the star of Ivan is classical for variables RRC, as if it would be taken from the textbook. Shcherbakov 1 - the brightest of the stars, it is in relation with the shine from 14.40 to 14.75 magnitude. And the second star is situated in the three munites of arc aside from the star of Sukharkov 1, discovered by Julia Sukharkova in the previous lesson on May 2. We proudly congratulate our young pioneers and wish them great success in their studies and studies in science!

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