AAVSO Director Dr. Stella Kafka gives diplomas to the young discoverers of new variable stars

On September 14th at the Sternberg’s State Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University diplomas were handed out to certify the discovery of new variable stars by the Russian participants of ESF NOOSFERA’s project Discovery within a Week. The director of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO), Dr. Stella Kafka had come to Moscow to address a seminar at the State Astronomical Institute with a presentation of the AAVSO. And four of our schoolchildren after their lessons had also come to the Institute’s building at Vorobyevy Hills from different areas of Moscow to listen to the presentation and make a commemorative photo with the head of the largest organization of variable star observers in the world. AAVSO includes thousands of enthusiasts-observers from different countries, including Russia, who by their joint efforts accumulated more than 30 million observations of more than 10 thousand different objects of the whole sky! The history of the Association goes back 105 years, and it has much authority even among professional astronomers.

And now our youngsters Gleb Nevraev, Sergey !Timofeev, Andery Anoshin, and Raul Karachurin could feel their direct involvement in the work of the Association, having received from the AAVSO director diplomas certifying the discovery of new variable stars. Their stars, discovered during the project Discovery within a Week under the guidance of the instructor Denis Denisenko, had been officially registered in the International Variable Star Index (VSX) kept by the AAVSO. Gleb Nevraev, who by now discovered three new stars, was invited by Stella Kafka to become a member of the AAVSO in recognition of his achievements. Besides the “stars” director, the diplomas were signed by the chief editor of the General Catalogue of Variable Stars Dr. Nikolai Samus.

That was another pleasant surprise for our participants! Let us wish them further success in exploring astronomy

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