Discovery within a Week: our next stop is LANAT!

Children who are enthusiasts of astronomy will devote their August holidays to the research project “Discovery within a week” in the camp of scientific creativity LANAT! The scientific camp organized by Moscow State University and hosted by Universitetsky holiday inn near Zvenigorod for several years now, becomes a research base for the Foundation NOOSFERA whose projects were successfully completed in Moscow and in two London schools.

Schoolchildren will be involved in astronomical research dedicated to the discovery of new variable stars during three weeks. Those who have chosen astronomy as their special course will get acquainted with main principles of this science, learn to work with professional astronomical software, and in a few days of research will discover variable stars, define their type and name them. They will use specially prepared workbook and sets of sky images from iTelescope in Australia during this exciting process of scientific investigation.

The scientific adviser of the project, Denis Denisenko has already worked in LANAT camp in 2014 and 2015. Such projects as study of potentially hazardous asteroids, search for variability on Palomar plates and analysis of the Perseids meteor shower activity based on video observations were completed by children under the guidance of Denis Denisenko in the past. Seventeen stars were also discovered by students, and two of them - by the youngest participant from Moscow – Platon Kachalin! Now there are two objects in the International Variable Star Index named Kachalin 1 and Kachalin 2 in honor of the discoverer.

We believe that in three weeks new objects named after our students will appear in stellar catalogs!

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