Stars discovered by our schoolchildren have been officially registered in the International Variable Star Index!

Our project on astronomy “Discovery within a Week” continues successfully! Recently we have reported the discovery of three variable stars by Moscow schoolchildren, who are attending the Teachers’ Community Center “Na Donskoy”.

Since then, Gleb Nevraev, Platon Kachalin, and Ludmila Lakiza have discovered three more stars in the constellation of Antlia (Pump) on telescope pictures from iTelescope.Net in Australia. For Gleb it is his third variable star, for Platon it is his second star, and for Ludmila it is her first one! The best part is that all six discoveries have been officially registered in the International Variable Star Index AAVSO VSX. Congratulations to our young astronomers who made their own contribution to the world science!

On the photo VarNoosfera.gif a screenshot from the site AAVSO VSX is seen with a list of variable stars within 35 minutes of arc around the object DDE 45. In the past only one variable star was known in that area, and now there are eight at once! Out of these eight, six stars have been discovered by our schoolchildren, and one star by their teacher, the astronomer D.Denisenko.

Each star now has a permanent page in the registry of variable stars. On the photo Nevraev1-VSX.gif you can see the listing for the star discovered by the pupil Gleb Nevraev.

Its address:

The link is for the list of objects discovered in the framework of NOOSFERA’s project:

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