Astronomy today is one of the few modern sciences that allows anyone willing to make a real discovery without spending much time: in just a week! It is possible to discover an asteroid threatening our planet, a gigantic stone rushing in space with an enormous speed towards Earth; a variable star pulsating in agonal spasms; an extra solar system planet having conditions suitable for the emergence of life, or a comet, a tailed monster that terrified our ancestors.

The project “Discovery within a week” of the Education Support Foundation NOOSFERA is aimed at giving applied knowledge of astronomy to children of junior and senior school.  The outstanding feature of the project is that pupils themselves make real scientific discoveries.

During the lessons schoolchildren receive basic knowledge and then start making remote observations on the telescopes located in the USA and in Australia. Coordinates of asteroids discovered are automatically sent to the Center of minor planets at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, and children who make a discovery, receive a special certificate.